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about us

Who are we?

Econology is a consulting firm in energy solutions and sustainable development. Whether in an existing building or a new construction, we support our customers to help them reduce their operating costs and their environmental footprint through the efficient and intelligent use of building mechanics, recent technologies and ingenuity.

our mission

At Econology, we strive to deliver ecological energy solutions that suit our clients’ business objectives, meet their financial criteria, and reduce their environmental footprint.

our vision

Ensure value to every customer through dedication to offer quality customized services that are centered on clients’ needs and business objectives.

our services

  • Energy / Water Audit
  • Feasibility Study & Project Planning
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Modeling
  • Grant Applications
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Commissioning/Recommissioning
  • Project Management

Why Econology ?

At Econology we are committed to deliver value for our clients and help them financing their capital projects and energy retrofit with grants and rebates.

What You Get ?

At Econology we thrive to exceed our clients expectations and we deliver quality services.